Monday, November 21, 2011

Huge Friggin Sale!

I have a bunch of stuff left over from the craft show, so I thought I would put it in the shop for kind of a Not Black Friday Sale this week.  I even marked down the stuff that was already in the shop, like my R2-D2 quilt!

I have been so busy these last few weeks.  Getting ready for the craft show, and then there was a birthday (pictures coming soon!) and a visit from my grandparents.  SO much stuff!  But I am getting caught up now.  YAY!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sewing Summit

So I have been writing and re-writing this blog post in my head for weeks.  There is just SO much to say and tell about it, I know that i will miss something.  I spent SO much time preparing for it, I can't believe it's over.

A truly amazing experience. I got to meet SO many incredible people that I have been friends with for a while, that thought I would never get to meet in person. As well as made some awesome new friends!

I shared a room with Jeni of In Color Order and we just happened to be flying with the same airline and were able to get on the same connecting flight.  So we got to meet up in Denver for the layover before flying out to SLC.

After we checked in to the hotel, we immediately left to do some anxiety relief fabric shopping at some of the local SLC shops.  It was so awesome to be able to shop without having to do a head count of my kids every 10 minutes.

There was a lot of late nights hanging out with friends.

And there was a fair amount of silliness, also.  I don't think I went to bed before 2:30 am when I was there!

On Friday, we were able to make our own little shop hop and fondle some more fabrics and even some yarn!!

Blazing Needles knitting shop was so awesome!  And the owner was so sweet to us!

We went out to lunch and got some awesome frozen yogurt, which I didn't participate in, but it was fun tot take pictures and just enjoy the good company.

On Saturday and Sunday, were the classes.  And I learned so many new and useful things that I am excited to include in my everyday sewing now.  And it was so great to be able to take these classes with friends.

Saying good-bye in Sunday was bittersweet because I missed my family so much and was ready to go home, but I didn't want to leave my sewing companions behind either.  It was so great to be able to hang out together, and shop together, and knit together.  And it was relieving to finally meet everyone and realize that they are just as awesome in person as I thought they would be.

photo taken by Karyn of The Workroom

photo taken by Karyn of The Workroom

photo taken by Karyn of The Workroom

I am so happy that I the chance to do this.  And words can't even come close to expressing the amazing experience that it was.  

I will leave you with a picture of all the goodies that I bought and swag that was given to us!!  After busting the zipper on my duffel bag trying to fit it all in I ended up having to get a priority box and ship it all home.