Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 in review with random geeky pictures for good measure

When I started out the year, I had very specific resolutions that I had given myself.

*Be the best Mom and Wife I can be
*Learn to play my ukulele well
*Slim down my fabric/yarn stash
*Be creative and believe in my creativity
*Learn to cook more than spaghetti
*Meet at least 2 of my internet buddies
*throw away my holey sweat pants

So let's review, and see how I did, shall we?  

*Be the best Mom and Wife I can be:  well, this is really an on going thing that I am constantly working on, but since my children are growing and I haven't killed my husband in his sleep, I'd say that things are going well.  :)

*Learn to play my ukulele well:  I started taking ukulele classes!  I am not a whole lot better, but at least I have gotten the hang of it and can play more than one song.

*Slim down my fabric/yarn stash:  check and check.  I had some huge destash sales and have been able to keep both stashes at a reasonable level.

*Be creative and believe in my creativity:  This was a big one for me.  I was master of always talking myself out of things.  Coming up with reasons why I shouldn't do something or why something I made wasn't good enough.  I am getting better at believing in myself and what I make.  I opened up an etsy shop AND started a blog.  Big steps, I'd say!

*Learn to cook more than spaghetti:  I can now add chili to that list,  hahaha

*Meet at least 2 of my internet buddies:  a BIG YES!!!  I went to Sewing Summit!  It was fantastic and I met a lot of my online friends and made some new ones!

*throw away my holey sweat pants:  Yes, I managed to do this one too, although I regretted it as soon as I did it.  lol  But never fear, I have a NEW pair of non-holey sweat pants that are doing the job quite nicely.

So what do I have on the books for this year? Hmm, let's see.

*I am going to keep being the best mom and wife that I can be.
*I would like to try and get out of my comfort zone with my photography
*Make things for my shop on a more regular basis
*and while I am at that, try to write my blog posts on a more regular basis also.
*Be better about getting things in the mail on time
*Try really hard to trust and believe in myself and what I do
*I have at least 1 meet up with an internet friend(s)
*....and if I happen to lose a few pounds, that would be ok too.

I still have lots of catching up to do.  So I will probably do a catch up post later on in the week.  There has been lots of sewing, I just have to write about it all  :)



  1. It always amazes me when someone shows doubt in the things that you look at and think they do so perfectly. You are so amazingly talented. You should never doubt that. I don't think I've ever seen a bad or even flawed project produced by you. You really are so good that you are intimidating at times. But, I'm happy to say, it's the kind of intimidating that encourages you to be better and not the kind that chases you away.
    You are such a supportive and beautiful mom and wife and I can't wait to see more growth from you in this next year.

  2. Happy new year, sweet Amanda! You've made some good goals, and reasonable ones, I'd say. I'm so glad we met in 2011, and I hope to get to see your happy face again this year!

  3. Too funny! I love your closing picture with the remote in the way of your face. Good way to end the post. :) Chili is definitely menu B now. I hope we can finally meet up in person this year. I have GOT to make that one happen!

  4. Wishing you every happiness in the New Year. Good luck with those goals and I love your creations :)