Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foxy Quilt

So first off, what do you think of my new banner?!!!  I am totally in love with it.  It was done by Kayanna over at Junecrafts.  She has recently started taking commissions and I just couldn't resist after seeing the amazing one she did over here at Megan's I just had to have one for myself.  AMAZING!!!  It's like she plucked it right out of my brain.  Kayanna, you NAILED IT!!!   Thank you SO much.  :)

I have been slowly checking some things off of my to-do list.  I finally finished a quilt thats just been sitting needing the binding attached for over 4 months!  Not proud of that, but at least it's done now, right? Before Christmas I noticed that I had made everyone in the house a quilt except me.  So I decided to just make myself a simple one with one of my favorite fabrics and then send it off to be quilted so it would be special.  (Thanks to my hubby for holding the quilt for me while I took pictures of it)

I heart Lizzy House.  And Outfoxed is now one of my top 3 favorite fabric lines.  So I some that cute foxy fabric and put it with some of her hedgehogs and a couple of different colors of shot cotton and sent it off the my friend Christina to be quilted and voila!  A quilt of my own!!!  And I love it so very, very much.

The back is some older Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner that I pieced together with a tiny bit of teal shot cotton thrown in, because it wouldn't be any quilt of mine if there wasn't at least a little teal in it.
I bound it in an Art Gallery print that matches the two different shades of purple tress in the fabric perfectly.

Look at that beautiful quilting!!!  SO SO in love with this quilt.  And it is all mine.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love the banner! Hard for me not to, because that dark teal is my favorite color in all the world. I once took a pair of my son's shorts in that color to an interior designer. Alas, there wasn't much she could find . . . .

    Your new quilt is just lovely. Congrats on making something for yourself!

  2. love the new header! it's totally perfect. and yay, a quilt for you!

  3. i love the new header! i love the narwhal! every time i see one all i can think of is "elf" when the narwhal says, "bye buddy, hope you find your dad!" ha, cracks me up every time!

    love the quilt! the fabric is great and the quilting is beautiful!

  4. I think it is the mom disease....we sew for everyone else and never for ourselves.
    Enjoy your pretty quilt ;0)

  5. this is incredible!! just saw it via flickr & had to pop over to tell you I adore it!

  6. The header is perfection! Narwhal FTW!!!
    And the quilt. I'm so happy to see it finished! The AB print you used on the back is a fave!