Sunday, June 10, 2012

X-stitch and a Quilt-a-Long

So, ya....I've been MIA for bit, huh?  Well the truth is, my 30th birthday is tomorrow and I haven't been handling it so well.  But I am planning some fun things for this week to help take my mind off of it.  So be on the look out.  :)

In other news, the lovely ladies over at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery have published a cross stitch pattern that I designed.  YES I DESIGNED SOMETHING!!!  I am so incredibly nervous about it.  But I am so excited to see something that I designed for sale somewhere.  You can check it out here.

Of course, it's geek themed.  So if you cross stitch, want to learn to cross stitch, are a geek or know a geek check out the pattern and while you are there, check out the rest of the super cute patterns they have in the store also!

A few weeks ago, my friend Jacey asked if I wanted to quilt along with her and Nicke to make this amazing quilt.  So of course I said, "Absolutely"  and started thinking of fabrics I may want to use for it.  I went through a few ideas before I finally settled on a group of fabrics.

I am pretty excited to see how this comes together and I hope to start cutting the pieces out this week.

On a side note, I was tagged to do a fun little "20 things about me" thing over on flickr, so if you were curious to know a little more about me, click on over and check it out.


  1. oh amanda, i love your fabric choices. congrats on the design, it is so great! and i hope you have a great birthday even though you aren't too happy about it! xo

  2. Happy birthday!! I'm still so excited for your pattern release! And I really love the fabrics you chose. I'm looking forward to getting started! <3

  3. aw, happy birthday!! the 30s are much better than the 20s, i swear!

  4. First of all, Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a good one :) And hopefully turning 30 isn't too painful-- my 30th is coming up in a little over 2 weeks, and I'm not so sure how I feel about it yet.
    I really like the stack of fabric you've pulled for your quilt. That pattern looks good with all the bright colors! I was thinking of making this quilt too, and was chatting with Jacey recently and may join you guys in your quilt along! In fact, I have a few of the same Lizzy House prints in my "possible fabric" stack :)