Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Gift Giving

On the whole of it, I am a generally bad gift giver, in the sense that my gift are always, without fail, late.  It doesn't matter how early I start on them or how much I start planning, I can't give a gift on time to save my ass.  I've owned up to this and accepted it about myself and my very understanding friends know this about me and have accepted it also.  They know when February rolls around they can start looking the mail for a Christmas package from me.  BUT..... I love love love making things for people.  Trying to figure out new things to make them and sticking them in a happy little package is so much fun for me.

I have been slowly working through my list of things to make and I have finally made through the first set of gifts and the package is in the mail now. So to celebrate the occasion I am writing this blog post to document it!  I should probably wait until the recipient gets said goodies but I didn't want to wait so I just warned her off of my blog for this post.  (I am pretty doubtful she will listen though, grumble grumble)

Last chance to turn around Jacey!  :P

My friend Jacey, has been so supportive of me this last year I really wanted to make her things that I hoped she would really love, but wouldn't necessarily make for herself.

I started out with an idea for a screen print.  I know that she likes zombie movies, in particular, Shaun of the Dead.  So I wanted to make her a little mini-quilt/wall-hanging that was zombie movie inspired.

I do have to say that I am pretty pleased with myself on this one.  This is the first image that I have been able to do by myself without anyone helping me with the graphics.  (pats myself on the back)

I tried to use only fun fabrics and this spoonflower body parts print fit the bill.  And I love the pops of red in it.  I backed it with a Nani Iro print.  I kind of wished I had remember to add a label to the back, now that I am thinking about it though.  :(  Dang.

After that I wanted to make something that would remind her of my visit.  So I remembered Christina had done a tutorial on creating a photo pillow.  So I drew inspiration from that to make one for Jacey.

I used some beloved Goodfolks, black shot cotton and a screen printed arrow added to the top to complete the front.

One the back I used a folksy flannels print and a Sew Mama Sew tutorial to add a zipper to the back so she can take the insert out whenever she wants.

Speaking of the insert.  I like to make my own pillow forms.  It gives you the freedom to make them in any color or fabric that you want.

So if she ever gets tired of looking at our fat heads on a pillow, then she can just take the cover off and have a cute throw pillow instead!  It's like two gifts in one!

And so starts the parade of gifts.  I have more handmade gifts for friends and family that I am going to blog about soon!

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!!


  1. Cute, all, but I do love that mini. Of course there's severed limb fabric, because why wouldn't there be?

  2. These are awesome gifts! I'm sure they'll be well loved. Also, it is awesome that there's body parts fabric out there.

  3. lovely! i really like the red stitching on the mini.

  4. I love how you blog before they are received and give the giftee a warning. :) Great job on the screen print! And pillow! I love the idea of creating your own pillow form. I will have to do that on a future pillow.

  5. I'm proud that I didn't look before I received your gifts. It was worth the wait, sweet friend. Thank you for spoiling me with fun!