Saturday, October 6, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

It happens that every once in a while I fall down a rabbit hole.  Down, down, down I go.  This mostly happens with books, tv shows on Netflix, or in this case a new craft or technique.  More specifically, screen printing.  Words cannot express how deeply I have fallen for this newly learned craft.  I love that I can use it in conjunction with my sewing.  I love for my projects to tell a story, and before I had done this with embroidery.  Whether it be a favorite quote or nursery rhyme, or just simple thoughts in my head.  I love adding them to my projects to create something one of a kind and more "me".

A few weeks ago I came across a pin that lead me to this post on How About Orange.  I really really loved the idea of the bag, but I had worked with the iron-on transfers before and hadn't really had good luck with them.  Also I didn't want to use just a generic canvas bag that you can pick up at your local craft supply.  I new that I could upgrade the bag myself just by sewing up a simple interfaced linen tote and adding a fun lining to it.  But figuring out how to get the words on there was a little more challenging.  So I did a little more research and found this tutorial and thought that maybe it could work.  I enlisted the help of some friends for the graphics and I set out on a mission to try something new.  And here are the results.

I knew I wanted to make them geeky, of course. So I relayed my ideas to my counterparts and they generously contributed their artwork.  I try not to make anything I wouldn't use myself so I pulled my inspiration from some of my favorite geeky things.

I am SO thrilled the results!!!  And since I have started, the flood gates have been opened and ideas keep popping into my head.  So you can expect to see a lot more screen printed projects here.  I am working on some new screens this weekend and I seem to have ordered my weight in essex linen.  So hopefully next week will bring some fun things!

If you are interested in making one of my bags your own, I have some listed in the shop.


  1. I'm so excited about your screenprinting. It's super awesome. Keep going, keep going!

  2. you're amazing!!! I love it. Need to try screen printing one of these days. Did you use the speedball kit or something else?

  3. Oh, these are great! Funny thing I actually saw them pinned on pinterest a few days before your post came up in my reader. I've already pointed out to my husband that I would very much appreciate the Wibbly Wobbly tote for christmas, we shall see how many hints I need to drop between now and then... Except I just checked your shop again and I see they are all sold. Any plans to make more?

  4. These are really great! Im especially loving the simple Tardis pouch!!!