Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Oldy But a Goody

Since I was pretty happy with my last bag project, I thought better go on and strike while the iron is hot.  I have been wanting to make myself something with the amazing Indian Summer fabric line by Sarah Watson.  I did start a quilt with it a while back and it is almost complete, but I wanted something that I could use on a more regular basis.  I seem to have gotten my  knitting mojo back so I thought that a new knitting project bag may be just the thing.

I decided to go with an older Amy Butler pattern that has been collecting dust in my obscenely large pattern stash.  (no seriously, I may actually need an intervention for this problem, but that is a whole other blog post

This print is one of my favorites.  All the animal faces make me so happy.

 I stuck pretty close to the pattern.  The things I changed were that I used Pellon fusible fleece for the main body of the bag because I wanted the bag to have more structure and then I only added one pocket to the inside instead of two like the pattern calls for.  I also decided to use a 3rd fabric for the handles to add a little of my favorite color.  :)

I think that this bag is pretty happy and my knitting will look quite happy in it.
Pretty good way to start off Selfish Sewing Week methinks.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love this bag - and the animal print fabric. I'm enjoying seeing your work - I may break out the sewing machine if you keep posting like this!

  2. Love it, Amanda! I cut out all the pieces for a bag tonight to kick off my Selfish Sewing Week. Tomorrow night, sew!

  3. i love that fabric. i wish i had gotten some! your bag is so cute and is a stunning knitting bag. i keep reverting back to plastic ziplocs for my projects.