Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Years

Now I usually try and keep this space crafting only and keep as much of my personal life out of it as I can. But since this is relevant to why I made this project I am allowing myself to share a tiny bit.  :)

5 years ago, on October 29th, which happened to be the day before my youngest daughter's 1st birthday and 2 days before her favorite holiday, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer.  The outlook was NOT good at all.  Tough times, people, tough times.  5 years later, she is still here, and she is my hero.  She has gone through a lot and I love her so very much. 

I decided to surprise and make her something to celebrate this amazing 5 years.

I went with a Wiksten Tank because I have made quite a few of them before, including some for my mom, so I already know that she looks awesome in them.

And of course, I had to use my most favorite of the Halloween fabrics.  Lizzy House's emoting ghosts print from Guising.  This fabric just makes me happy.  And I decided to do all the topstitching in a fun purple variegated thread.

I think that my mom will really like it when she opens up her mailbox and sees a surprise waiting for her!

Here is a little sneaky peek at what my next post will be about.  Two words, my friends, In. Love.


  1. wonderful news. And sweet tank.

  2. What a great post!! You are so sweet and I'm sure your mom is going to be thrilled! It looks fantastic!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I'm so happy your mom is doing well! And what a sweet daughter you are to make her such a lovely gift. I've made several of the tovas but not the tank. Must do. OOH and super-cute fabric!

  4. I'm so glad your mom made it through and that tank is perfect!

  5. I am glad that your mom is doing well! great gift and I am ultra-excited to see your bearpaw quilt.