Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Envelope Clutch

As soon as I saw Anna's blog post about her upcoming clutch pattern, I have been obsessively stalking her blog for the release of the pattern.  It is finally available!!!!  So after I dropped the girls off at school, I got to work.  This consisted of staring at my fabric for about 45 minutes trying to get "inspired".  Nothing was making me happy.  So I decided to delve deep into the secret parts of my stash, a place that I call "The Horde" and pull out things that give me anxiety to even think about cutting into.  I decided on an Ink and Spindle print that I bought for my birthday several years ago an old Echino quilting weight cotton, from the Chelsea collection, that has been hanging out in the horde also.  And finally, I went with some matching teal Ta Dot for the pockets.

The pattern was very well written and easy to follow.  I love the fact that the clutch is interfaced with canvas fabric for extra sturdiness.

She offers a lot of different options to truly make this your own.  I made the smaller size and opted to do the squared flap instead of a pointed one and left off the piping.  I didn't have the right size D-ring so I used a small split ring I had in my old bead stash and I left off the swivel clip because I didn't have one.

She also has an option to make an Ipad sized one!  I will definitely doing that one next.  And I can see making a ton of these in the future for gifts.

Lot's of sewing has been happening over here.  I have joined in a quilt bee and have been doing some other crafty things, but I will save those for another post.  :)


  1. that clutch is super sweet! and i love your blue/yellow block; it's perfect.

  2. The clutch is adorable. It was a great use of some cherished stash. I love the block, too!

  3. Love the fabrics! I can't wait to make myself one. I was anxiously awaiting the release, too! How did I not know about this "Horde"?? That's too funny. I love your star block. The fabric placements are PERFECT!

  4. the most awesome fabrics, so cool. the lining gives it a totally amazing pop!

  5. i love your clutch! super cute, diving into the horde was a great idea and very successful!!