Wednesday, March 28, 2012

U.S.S. Crafty

One of the awesomely, fun things about the online crafty community is the swapping.  It is such a great way to improve your stash, try out new things you wouldn't normally by, or in this case, add to your lovely collection of mini quilts.

A few of us friends decided to do such a swap where we would make a mini quilt and add it to the flickr group for all of us to see and then we would cast our vote for the top 3 that we most loved and then the leader would then let us know who to we would be sending our minis to.

Here is mine

When I first put it together, it was a little different.  There were no curves or crafty jolly roger flag, and I hadn't decided on the quilting.  So I brought with me when we went on vacation for our 10th anniversary hoping to come up with something to jazz it up a bit.  I love the way it turned out and I was happy to practice my paper piecing skills a little more.


  1. Your mini is beautiful! You are getting really good at the paper piecing!

  2. congrats on 10 years! that is great amanda! love the mini! i love the skull flag!