Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Granny A Day!!

So Pip, over at Meet me at Mike's is doing a Granny a day and I decided to sign up!  It sounds like a bunch of fun and I don't wanna miss out.  I may not get to do 1 granny square every day, but I am definitely going to try.

Note: this isn't a picture of a granny square, it is a picture of the beginnings of a monster mermaid, Pattern by the fabulously talented Jess Rollar of MilkyRobot.  I <3 all of her patterns.


  1. Oh, man! I JUST learned how to crochet last weekend and it's not granny squares. :( Hopefully there's another one of these when I figure it out! :)

  2. I love that monster mermaid! I think a granny-a-day sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could jump in, but I should probably finish one granny square total before committing. ;)

  3. oh my gracious! that monster mermaid is awesome amanda! good luck on the granny a day, it sounds fun. how is it going so far?